Which is the best branch for rotary-wing flight nursing?


I'm an ER nurse looking to go into the military, and like the idea of MedEvac and critical patient transport. I saw this video:

and was wondering what the options were? I have read that most flight nurses are on fixed-wing aircraft, so how does one get on a team with helicopters?

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Disclaimer: I am not an ER nurse and have not done the rotary wing thing. The below is what I've heard from others.

It's a different role. Fixed wing might transport patients from role 3 (such as a EMEDS...i.e. MASH type unit) to major medical centers (Germany). Rotary wing might transport patients from a role 2 (such as a forward surgical team (FST)) to a role 3; distances are shorter here.

In the Air Force, the the rotary wing teams seem to include an ER nurse and a CRNA, among others. I'm not sure if the person you're referring to was an ER nurse or a CRNA.