Where to work as a pre-nursing student?


I begin college for the first time in about a month (recent high school graduate!) I want to become a nurse! Right now, i'm in dire need of a part time job but have no work experience so it's somewhat difficult. I think it would really benefit me if i were to get a job that had to do with my major or is at least in a hospital/clinic setting if at all possible. What are some jobs or places i could work at that could expose me to the world of nursing or potentially get me into a decent nursing school? Is there anything or anywhere that would prepare me to become a nurse and see what it's like? I know there's CNA but i don't have the :uhoh3: for CNA classes right now. It should be something i can do part-time because i will be in college. Any ideas and advice would be appreciated. I live in Florida if it helps, lol.


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Some facilities will pay for you to get your CNA. When i first graduated from high school i worked at a pharmacy as a cashier. But when it really boils down to it, having a health care related job isn't going to have no effect on you getting into nursing school, it is GPA based. But it might look nice on a resume for when you're trying to get a job as a nurse!