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Where these types of things in Science section of TEAS?


I have the McGraw-Hill book along with the TEAS prep book. The MH covers much more than the other book. I was wonering if anyone remmbers if these subjectw were inthe Science section of the TEAS. (This is my LAST day to study, and I haven't covered these topics.)

Gas Laws

Tinctures and Emulsification

Colligative Properties



Newtonian Mechanics

Amplitume, Frequency, and Wavelength

Longitudinal and Transverse Waves

Light: Wave vs. Particle

Reflection, Diffraction, Dispersion, Refraction

Electricity and anything associated with it

I really appreciate any comments here.

Thank you in advance!!


I'll share what I recall from taking the TEAS V in March, but it's very possible you'll see a different test than I did. From your list:

Gas Laws - yes, I remember answering at least one question on these (maybe two)

Tinctures and Emulsification - no

Colligative Properties - no

Hydrocarbons - yes, one question

Isoers - no

Newtonian Mechanics - no

Amplitume, Frequency, and Wavelength - no

Longitudinal and Transverse Waves - no

Light: Wave vs. Particle - no

Reflection, Diffraction, Dispersion, Refraction - no

Electricity and anything associated with it - sort of, with reference to chemistry/ions but not voltage, etc.

The science portion of my test was mostly general biology, chemistry, and some A&P questions. There were a few other questions scattered in there, but those three subjects were by far the bulk of the test. If you're running out of time to study, that's where I would recommend you concentrate your efforts. Good luck!


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I took the TEAS V last week

-Lots of Chemistry - know the periodic table- bonds, valence, polar, ......balancing

- properties of Water -

What each system in the Body does, specifics

For the Math - the problems are lenghty, multiple easy steps, but the time adds up


-WATCH YOUR TIME. I ran out, and ended up guessing at the end. I knew how to to the

problems, but didn't have time to do them. The other sections, I was ok.

- Read the Question completely to be sure what they are asking. Make sure you answer the Question

they are asking.Don't assume that you know what thye want. It's easy to get flustered, and know the material, yet chose the wrong answer.

I brought scratch paper, good thing, because it was not supplied. If it was I planned to put it in my bag.

I'm glad I did, so I could have a fresh start for each section. Even used it on some of the other sections to

elimiate A, B, C, D, crossing them off as I eliminated them.