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Where did you take your pre-reqs? (BSN programs - MGH, Simmons, etc.)

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Hi all. New to the forum and just getting started with research & pre-requisites, hoping to apply next year to multiple programs.

I am a full-time IT professional looking to make a career change into nursing. I have been out of school for 15 years, and have an art degree, although I originally started out as a medical illustration major.

I'd like to know for those of you in the MGH and Simmons programs, specifically, where did you take your pre-requisites? If you took them outside of the program you got into, how easy was it to transfer credits in from, say, UMass Boston? Apart from cost, where do you think I should take my pre-reqs?

Thank you!

Definitely take them anywhere other than the school you're attending. I had to take 3 classes last summer and it cost me less to take 3 courses at community colleges than I would have cost me to take ONE class at MGH through Science Summer (and we're talking significantly less money, like $1000 worth). I took my classes at Northern Essex Community College and Middlesex Community College. 2 were online, 1 was in class which was a pain since I worked full time this summer and had to go out of my way to get there. I would suggest taking online classes if that option is available to you.

Where you choose to take the courses is up to you. There are lots of community colleges and state schools to choose from. I picked ones that fit my schedule and offered what I needed, even though neither one was particularly close to where I live. (If you find what you need close to home - go that route. One of my online classes had in-class exams which was a big pain in the butt).

In terms of transferring the credits, it was a breeze. All I had to do was make sure my transcripts from the two schools were sent to MGH as soon as grades were available.

UMass Lowell Continuing Ed - evening classes for Anatomy and physiology, nutrition, micro.

Weber State online for chemistry (suggested by MGH).


These courses were accepted by MGH. I don't know about Simmons.

Consider attending an info sessions at MGH and Simmons to get some guidance about where you might take prereq courses acceptable to the particular program.

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I agree with Juliewoo. I went to Curry's ACCEL program and took my prereq's at Roxbury Community College. Way less expensive.

Thanks for your replies, everyone. I really appreciate them.

I did sign up for a microbiology class at UML (because it starts next week and some spring sessions have already started at other schools). I'm booked in to all of the info sessions in Feb and have a phone interview at Simmons next week!