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Where to take NCLEX


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My husband and I are seriously considering moving to Colorado. We like the idea of sunny days and snow but also we are both planning to pursue upper level degrees which are both offered at U of C. Anyway, I don't graduate until Dec of 12 and my question is...

Should I take the NCLEX here and then try and get a job there or should I just take it there. We really want to move as soon as I graduate. Is there a chance I will get a job as a new grad moving from another state. I am currently a PCA working at a magnet hospital. I was also a CNA for many years. I will have my associate RN and plan to apply immediately to a Bachelor program, probably online. Thanks for your help.


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The Denver metro area is swamped with new grads. Just read on down this page for examples. Could you move to a rural area in Colorado to establish residency and gain experience? Oh wait, I just saw that you graduate in 2 years. Anything could happen between now and then. But if your husband's job is flexible. going rural is a good way to get into a super-tight market.


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Thanks for the response. Well one of the reason we plan to move is because my husband is applying to Red Rock CC for the physician assistant program, so he won't be working. I suppose we can live anywhere as long as it is someplace he can commute to fairly easy. We assume he won't start right away so he will probably work as a tech while waiting to start. He is a comp. programmer here in NY but will be starting at my hospital here to gain some experience, other wise he will have to go to U 0f Colorado Pa program. It doesn't require any medical experience BUT it's 3 years long and it would be a struggle for me to support the family for that long alone. What are some good rural areas? Any hospital recommendations? I have actually never even been to CO but my ex sister in-law and another good old friend live there and love it.