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Where to take CNA exam before moving states (Georgia)? Pearson vs. Prometric


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Dear CNAs, I'm wondering about the best way to do things here. I just finished up a CNA class in my home state Hawaii, which has CNA exams through Prometric. However, I'm leaving the state for Georgia in two months flat (family reason), and I believe Georgia does their CNA exams through Pearson.

I'm completely confused about if I can take my exam here and still be able to work as a CNA in Georgia - I tried looking up reciprocity, but it seems like I would have to have AT LEAST 8 hours of work experience as a CNA in able to transfer my certification from Hawaii to Georgia. I'm totally new so I don't have have those 8 hours yet- I am not sure if I could get a job as a CNA in under two months (still have to take my exam!) and I would feel really bad about quitting a job that soon too!!!

Would it be better to just wait until I get to Georgia and take the CNA exam through Pearson? Anyone here taken the CNA exam from these companies and know if Pearson or Prometric is better?

Thanks everyone~ :)

I think your best bet would be to call the state you are moving to and ask what the best thing would do.

If I were you, I would get a job ASAP. Some places will even hire you before you have your certificate and let you work on the floor.

Before I got my CNA the second time (I let it expire) I got hired on a Thursday took my test on Saturday and started that Monday with the paper that said I passed.

Good luck hope you get it all figured out.

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Thank you Eccentric! I'm going to follow your advice and try to get a job soon~ taking my test this Wednesday as well!

According to the handbook I found on Georgia CNA License - Free CNA | Free CNA (which seems to be up to date) you are correct in that you will need 8hrs to qualify for reciprocity. If it was me, I would try to take the test in Georgia as standards don't change that much. However, this is completely up to you!