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Where are the State policies, regulations, and procedures?

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This is my first post on allnurses - yay! I've been devouring all the information on this site for months now and I have a problem that I need help in sorting out.

First, I am a CNA in an LTC facility and have been working there for a little over a year. I want to make myself very familiar with the current policies, rules, regulations, and laws that the State of NC mandates for LTC care; but I also realize that those same regulations can change frequently and I am finding it difficult to stay current on what we, as CNA's, are "allowed" to do per state policy.

For example, when I work first shift, the third shift CNA's will claim frequently that they are "not allowed" (per the state) to begin getting the residents out of bed prior to 5 am and that is their reason for not getting everyone up that they are supposed to. Ok then - that's fine. There are numerous other claims made in passing as the reason why other things are done the way they are...because "the state says we have to do x,y, and z".

My issue is this - where can I find the actual policies, rules, and regulations regarding procedures in LTC, in reference to CNA work? I think that if there is ever a dispute regarding a policy, you should always be able to refer back to the hard and fast laws that are published by the state. No one seems to know where these policies are actually outlined and no one seems to know what the laws are actually called or where you might find them. Also, I'm not referring to the skills that are taught in CNA training programs - that is not the problem.

I would also like to make myself familiar with these laws before I am at work during a state survey - it seems unfair to make all these rules and laws about resident care but then not give the CNA's a reference in which to study so we don't get tagged by the state for something that we didn't even know we were supposed to do. I'm not comfortable relying on gossip and word of mouth as to what rules I'm actually being held accountable for.

I've asked the Nurse Managers at my facility and they don't have a clue - they act like I'm just being difficult. I just want to be informed! Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. (I'm in NC, by the way.)

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Thanks for the post. I'm of no help, but if anyone has info on NJ it would be appreciated as well.

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