Where to sell textbooks at?


I have a lot of textbooks from online classes that I can not sell back to baker. Any idea of any other private owned college bookstore places that may buy them back? I am running out of room here...lol.

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I have bought and sold almost all of my text books at half.com it is very easy to do....


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I've had a TON of good luck selling my old textbooks on Amazon Marketplace (Amazon.com), especially considering you get to set your own price, rather than be forced to take the pennies on the dollar buyback price at a bookstore.

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I sold a TON of books at half.com! It's super easy and I made way more than I ever would have at the bookstore.


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I've heard that www.half.com is the best way to sell used textbooks and get more money for them than selling them back.


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Thanks for the replies, I will have to check it out.:D

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