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Where should new grad work?


I am 23 years old and I have been a nursing assistant for 4 years at a hospital. I plan to take my boards mid march. So I emailed the nurse recruiter for the hospital and she told me to call her to schedule an interview. I applied to a med surg unit, cardiac stepdown unit and a renal/pancreas transplant unit. I am trying to see which unit I would be better off in as a new grad. I dont really know where i see myself in the future as an end result, maybe an ICU nurse or ER nurse or continue my education by getting BSN and then maybe NP. Anyways, I really like the staff on the renal transplant floor and the cardiac stepdown unit but i feel I would benefit better on the med surg floor even though the staff isnt as friendly and its a very difficult unit. Any insight on what I should do would be awesome!! Just trying to see the best and worst of each unit and if the recruiter were to ask me which unit i want, i want to be able to be comfortable with my decision.