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Where are the LPN Jobs in GA?


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:eek:can anyone point me in the direction of lpn employment south of atlanta? i moved here this summer, got my license by endorsement, and i am unable to find anything down here. aside from ltc, are there any jobs here for lpns? i do not care to drive into atlanta to work. thank you all so much!

Honestly if you dont have any experience it seems like its almost impossible here. I'm actually looking right now, I have almost a year of experience and I'm looking on yahoo hotjobs everyday, and I know what you mean about not wanting to go into atlanta. I was at the library yesterday and someone saw me looking for a job and she said for some reason being an lpn in this state is really hard. So anyway we have to trust in God and he will make a way for us. I know what you mean about ltc the only place thats hiring for us. Well I know grady is hiring but its in atlanta, keep looking at hotjobs, wellstar, and homehealth compaines which is your best bet. They always seem to be looking for people. If you have experience that will help too. Let me know how it goes!


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Did you try Henry MEdical Center in McDonough, GA? THey hire LPN's. Good Luck!