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Where should I start?


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Good day from the Philippines!

I'm a new registered nurse (2017). I have no work experience (I only have the skills that I got from my nursing school). I want to have a strong foundation and I hope every decisions that I'll make will make me a successful nurse in the future. I want to make my curriculum vitae to be great as time will pass by. I don't want to waste the years I have just to make awful decisions. Please help me with this.

So, where should I start?

I'm 23 and single. I want to practice nursing abroad, doesn't matter which country.

I've heard that you should take NCLEX and IELTS first, and that you'll need 2 years experience before leaving the country. Should I take NCLEX now? or after 2 years?

Sadly, I have no relatives that will help me go abroad, would it be hard for me to have a job outside the country? Should I apply on agency here or direct hire?

If direct hire, how? I have no idea. Do I google their hospital and contact them? Can I do that?

Please enlighten me, thank you very much.

Silverdragon102, BSN

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You really need to decide where you want to live and work. Each country has their own requirements both as a RN but for immigration. NCLEX is only good for Canada and USA and to sit it you must be deemed eligible from either state BON or provincial college of RNS