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Where to go!

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Hello all!

I will be graduating in May and I have been absolutely blessed to have TWO job offers on my table. These are both with a major hospital system, one in "the big house" and one in a community hospital owned by the hospital system. One on a medical short stay unit (basically medical unit for 24-72hr) and one on cardiac acute care. 

I went into nursing school to go into labor and delivery, but am really not ready to go so niche yet. But I HAVE started this amazing love affair with cardiac nursing. But I would be so happy with the medical floor or any medical/surgical unit. Ugh, but cardiac nursing my first year! And surgical experience. So much yes!

Type of nursing aside, there's the feel of the units. The cardiac floor seems hardcore, very down to business. The Medical floor has this amazing personable nurse manager who just radiates "I'm gonna support you hard while challenging you to be a better RN." 

Then there's little things that would impact the day to day. The Cardiac unit is at the "big house" where parking is a pain in the butt, you pay for parking passes, and you have to park and ride. The medical unit has free and ample parking. 

What do you all recommend? Is it truly the best to work on these medical floors before honing in on an area of specialty?

Sorry for the long post. Brainstorming here!!

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Wow, sounds like you have lots of great things going on in your future. I went right into L&D, and I feel like it is its own beast. Obviously great to come in with basic nursing skills, but it's definatley something you could also jump into head on. with the right residency and support.

Obviously,  if your not comfortable diving into a niche, then yes Med surg is a great way to get lots of experience. I find most people end up hating it, and want to quit/just waiting for their magical one year to be up. But with a sweet crew and a good attitude, it is what you make of it!

You say you have a love affair with cardiac? That may be a great in between as to not be 100 percent all over place short stay med surg, but not exclusively vaginas ( L&D).

Personally,  if it's just between m/s & cardiac, I would go for the acute care. Having ACLS, and good critical care experience would open many doors.

Good luck!


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