Where to get RN from?

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I really confused about this, ok when people say they are RN's where did they go to school or what. Im lost here. I need to know where I can go in the Chicagoland area to get an RN? PLease help.


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Hello, welcome to the board. To be an RN you must attend either a 4 year college and recieve a BSN (Bachelor's degree), a 2-3 year ADN (associate's degree) from a community college or a 3 year Diploma program (which I don't know much about). All require pre-requists (sp?) of Anatomy and Physiology parts 1 and 2, Microbiology and ususally humanities classes and english lit, psychology, sociology classes. Your best bet would be to call a community college or 4 yr college near you and talk to an admissions officer about the requirements you need. Look on the specific college's website for the syllabus and requirements. You could also look into and LPN (practical nurse) programs that are usually offered at Vo-tech colleges. Good luck! :)

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In/near Chicago are many schools for nursing - LPN, RN, ADN,BSN, etc.. Contact any of the colleges/hospitals in that area and good luck...


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go to google.com search for nursing college at illinois most of the listed are creditable, contact school.

some of school are; truman college, west suburban college, uic, st.xavier, loyola, rush, harper college, trinity college, triton college,

coomunity are: moraine valley, oakton,

that i know from my experience or my friends, but there are many other

good luck with your searches

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