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Hello, everyone. I am going to take the NA course at a local community college in less than ten days, and I plan to start working as a CNA as soon as I finish the class and pass the state exam in order to save money for my prerequisites for nursing school. However, I have no idea about where I can find CNA jobs and which places I should look for. I know I can find CNA jobs at hospitals, but as many people know, it's very difficult to find any jobs at the hospital with little to no experience. Therefore, I would like to receive any suggestions and recommendations on other places to look for CNA jobs and their rates. I appreciate the help.

Being very careful, of course, there's always Craigslist. You can also post to sites like Monster.com with your resume. Good luck! I just finished my CNA program here!

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Most courses teach it from just a Nursing Home perspective.

However, you can also work:

-Hospitals. Though this may be a bit tougher to get depending on area. This includes everything from transporting beds floor to floor to ICU to med/surg. Med/surg being easier but experience gets you in the door.

-Psych Units and Behavioral Health. Check the private ones as well as hospitals in Yellow Pages. Really strong demand for guys. State also has them. Good choice of age groups from kids to elderly (geri-psych)

-The VA. Go to USA.gov. Hiring process s long, but good benefits. Some states also have a state VA.

-Sitting. Either for an agency or directly for a facility. Just watch a patient for a shift making sure they do not pull things out or break a hip. ERs sometimes need folks to watch suicide attempt patients.

-Home Health. Everything from doing baths twice a week for a route of people to staying with them and cooking light meals.

-Companion. Live with someone or pull shifts taking them to doctors, grocery, etc and taking care of all needs. Not for everyone. Most prefer females in my experience. May be a different cert depending on state (LA it is DPCW)

-Hospice. Facilities for those who are terminally ill.

-Mental Retardation facilities. Usually state controlled.

-Drug and Alcohol lockdown units.

-Patient transport for a activity center with valid DL.

-Adult Day Care

Yeah, you will have some choices. More experience will give more choices.

EDIT: Forgot to add staffing agencies. But that is a bit touch and go with the present economy and less facilities using agencies.

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Hate to double post, but one more thing. The Commuter, a pretty good article writer here saw a pretty common job scam on job boards that I have personally seen as well. Mostly, this is on Craigslist and other internet job boards. Do not send ANY money no matter how bad off you are for work to any agency for a "background check". For one, if someone wants to call me a criminal, I want them to prove it out of thier pocket book. Plus, most of the time, they take the money and you have no job and no one answers the phone. Even agencies like Maxim that folks have mixed feelings about on this board is going to check your background themselves.

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