Where can I go from here!

Nursing Students Pre-Nursing


other than a cna,lpn or rn, please help me choose a field of study in healthcare where can use the courses below toward continuing my education. i have taken all of the courses below:

a&p lab/lec i & ii

micro lab/lec i

general chem lab/lec i

human growth


marriage and family

col alg

span i

eng comp i & ii

eng. creative writing i

world lit i & ii

u s history i & ii

general phy

intro to soc

oral comm

micro apps i

art appr

music appr

pers hygiene

fundmntl geog

earned hours 85.00

gpa hours 91.00

quality points 263.000

gpa 2.890

Social Worker (Need Master's but grades not too important)

Physical Therapy

Occupational Therapy

Respiratory Therapist


Physician's Assistant (Probably need lots more chemistry)

That is it off the top of my head.

Thanks so much for such a quick reply.

How about Histology Tech or Medical Technologist?

We went on a field trip to a lab last week, Quest Diagnostics and it looked pretty interesting. Both fields are supposed to be in demand fields. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know they've said the same thing about nursing, but the people in charge of the lab that gave us the tour said they are severely under staffed because not many people go into these fields. They claimed they had openings that they've been advertising for medical technologist for several months now that they have yet to fill. They were actually encouraging us to switch majors, LOL!

The good thing they said is that you can start there as tech help, work 2nd or 3rd shift and go to school in the day and Quest will offer tuition reimbursement.

The salary for medical technologist is pretty good, made me almost want to switch majors. LOL!

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