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Where can I go for CNA classes in NNJ

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I am interested in becoming an LPN and taking the entrance exam in Feb 2010. If accepted, classes don't start until Aug 2010. If that doesn't pan out, my second choice is Medical Assistant. So in reading and researching I'm thinking in the meantime I'd like to take a CNA course but I don't know where to go. Am I going in the right direction? I live in Northern NJ, (lake hopatcong) close to Dover, Newton etc. Can anyone tell me where I could find classes, their time frame of completion and costs? I don't know where to start, I'm new to ALL of this. Any advice and guidance on LPN/MA/CNA and the best/better courses that will help me get in the doors and experience of geriatrics/hospice/elderly care input is greatly appreciated. GREATLY

Thank you


I don't know about anything specific to your state and/or region but if there is a community college near you I would make that your first call. If not then get online and find numbers for anyone/anyplace/anything that may be able to help you find a course and call, call, call!!! That's all I ever do is call and ask questions until I'm blue in the face, lol.

As far as length and cost of classes, at my comm. college the class was about 3 months long and cost (without financial assistance) about $600. I'd suggest applying for financial aid if you can!