Where to buy medicial equipment i NYC?



I was wondering if anyone in here know any good nursing store in New York City that have stethoscopes and such things.



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You can buy this stuff 23rd street and 1-2 ave. OR you can buy from Barns Nobel store at 17street on 5th Ave.


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That store on 23rd street has moved to 2nd Ave. between 24th and 25th street.

Today I went there and couldn't find cheap nice scrubs. The nice ones are so expensive! :zzzzz

So my friends took me to Brooklyn, on 4 Train and got off at Nevins St.

There are 2 stores around there that sell scrubs, nursing shoes, stethoscope, penlights, etc..

And They are cheaper! :yeah:


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Perfect, you know if they had littman´s?


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All of the following sell Littmann stethoscopes:

  • The Barnes & Nobles on 18th and 5th Ave

  • The Uniform store between 24th and 25 street on 2nd Ave

  • The Medical supply store on Nevins st. in Brooklyn



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I'm entirely sure if the stores in Brooklyn have Littmann.

I saw some stethoscopes but didn't really pay attention to the brand.

I got my Littmann online which is cheaper (free shipping & no tax)!

Maybe you can look around on the net and see which websites have a good deal for you. :nuke:

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