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I am an RN with 3+ years experience in L&D, I have been travelling for the last 2 years and now looking at getting a staff position again. I keep hearing of everyone getting bonuses and moving expenses and other nice things, but I'm not seeing this offered. I'm looking at the Kansas City area, but I may be looking at other locations later on next year.

Aside from California, which is paying good but it's ridicuously expensive to live there, who else is paying sign-on bonuses and decent pay rates?

Any info/opinions you have would be great!




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I would specifically ASK what is in place to recruit new people. Ask HR depts, and make sure you negotiate what you want, whenever possible. Just because it's not advertised, does NOT mean the mechanisms to entice experienced nurses do not exist. You have to be a bit proactive sometimes.


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As part of my facility not wanting to use agency staffing, they have offered a bonus program for the employees. I am PRN. I get 100$ bonus for every shift over 3 in one month. FT and PT get the bonus for every shift over 3 in a week!!I usually work about 9-12 shifts per month. That is 600-900$ extra a month for working! It avg without bonus, 27/h, with, 36/h. Straight time. No diffs. With diffs- Weekend days, 40/h, nights 44/h, weekend nights 49/h! And that is in Louisiana!! It actually is pretty high for LA....However, any employee that is hired, and does not know about the bonus program, just doesn't get it. That is the catch. :angryfire Just ask if facilities have a program for bonus... and/or retention.

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