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At assessing the cervix and how long did it take? I'm on orientation for 12 weeks, felt my first cervix and it just felt spongy to me to which my preceptor said she's 4cm and 90 effaced.

Will i I feel a difference before I'm off orientation?????


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Hopefully. Most of the time you do get a feel for it but even the most experienced nurse has to get a colleague to see what she thinks once in a while. Ask to check everyone you can (with the patients OK of course). We recently got a Teaching tool which helps nurses practice feeling different cervices and stations. Maybe your facility would purchase one for your staff to train with? Good luck and don't give up..we were all there once too.


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Don't give up!! Just keep on checking! It took me a while!! At first it felt like just mush! One day it just clicked. (So it clicked while I was driving my car that had a gear shift and the gear shift had a round raised nob on the top and it clicked... crazy right?) We have a "box of vaginas". They are actual rubber like vaginas that you can feel for the head and the cervix and on the back it tells you how many cm's it is.

There are times I still can't find a cervix!! Keep Checking!!


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I've been a L&D nurse for 9 years. It took me about 4 weeks to even feel what I was supposed to be feeling and by the end of my 12 weeks, I was much more confident, but still had experienced nurses double check me for a long time.

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