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When did you take the TEAS test?


hello everyone, i know i don't post a lot, but i have a question. i'm going to apply for an associate degree nursing program in september 2011 for spring 2012, i was wondering at what point should i take the teas test? i'm taking a&p ii and micro in fall 2011, so i won't have it under my belt before i take the test, will i still be ok? is the test really hard? how much did you study before the test? did you do well with the amount of studying you did? what study book did you use? alright, i guess i have a lot of questions, lol. all advice is welcome. thanks everyone :):nurse:

edit: well i just called the school and they said they don't use the teas...news to me, lol. they said they use the compass test. anyone know anything about it? i've never heard of it...time to google!!

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