When to take mirco?

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Ok, let me explain before I ask this question (ok, I guess I already did in the subject line, lol). Anyway....hubby and I are thinking about having another baby. I of course do NOT want to have a baby in the middle of a semester. Now...I'm starting the nursing program this fall and planned on taking micro with nursing 3 NEXT fall. And then I thought to try and get pregnant Sept. or Oct. to be due in the summer in between semesters. But then I decided I'd rather take micro in the summer because it's hard and I think it would be too much taking it with nursing 3. Sooooooo.....to those that have taken these classes, what would you do? What would be easier...taking mirco with nursing 2 or 3? I always hear how nursing 3 is hard because it's medsurg and from what I've hear around here, medsurg isn't pretty....so what to do? Thanks for any advice. :bow:

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