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When to take CNA program?


Hi all! I am going to begin my pre-R.N. requisites in Spring '09. I have also decided to enroll in the CNA course to find out if Nursing is really something I want to pursue, as well as earn an extra point for the R.N program selection process.

I am taking BIOL189 this Spring, and plan to take BIOL223 in the Summer. For Fall '09 I am hoping to enroll in BIOL 224 and 251. I do not think it will be wise to do the CNA program while concurrently taking BIOL224 and 251 as I know they are both intense, particuarly when taken at the same time. In fact, I plan on those being the only courses I will be enrolled in during Fall '09. My goal is to have the rest of my pre-reqs and "points" classes (i.e. PSC 101, SOC 101, etc). completed this Spring and Summer.

Example: Spring '09 -- BIOL 189, MATH100B (1st half of the semester, online), PSY101 (2nd half of the semester, online), SOC 101 (12/15-01/08, online).

Summer '09 -- PSC 101 (online), COM 101 (online), BIOL 223 (I already have my English credits from another school).

Fall '09 -- BIOL 223 & BIOL 251

I am debating on whether I should take the CNA course in Spring '09 or Summer '09. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read my lengthy post!

Definitely do it this Spring!! It's not really hard...just takes time since you have lecture, lab AND clinicals every week! Honestly - I probably shouldn't say this, but I hardly ever studied for that class and I did just fine! It's an excellent way to get your "feet wet" in the health field and it also gives you an extra point when you apply to the RN program!

It sounds like you will be having a year just like mine!! I started this whole back to school thing a year ago by taking SOC101 online - just like you're doing. I took Bio189 and Hist217 along with the CNA course in the Spring. I hated 189 (found it to be harder than all the other sciences...but that could have had a lot to do with the professor). But I was glad to have all that done with! I took 223 and 224 (along with Math 100B online) over the summer. (I responded in that other thread about NSC for you... but I definitely recommend doing the faster courses if you can!) I already had english and psych (along with another history) from 2001. I applied on Sept 1st for the program - barely getting my transcripts from NSC evaluated on time! And I am now finishing up Bio251...have my final on Tuesday! I will be starting the program next month! Ah! So - anyway... I definitely think you can pull off your class load! Just work hard and time will fly by! :specs:

I'd have say I would take it sooner than later, it's a pretty simple class. I too barely cracked the book. Although, I would caution, that being a CNA and nurse are not the same. But it will tell you if you are interest in the field. Both work very hard, but different responsiblities. Nursing there are so many other things you can do with an RN. I dont want to say you are more limited with a CNA, because may be there are things you can do that I am not aware of.

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