When to start job search/how to be competitive?


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I'll be graduating in Dec 2010 with my BSN, and I'm trying to figure out when do I start preparing for graduation and applying for jobs? Obviously, I wouldn't start applying next year in Jan but I've heard people say to start applying 6 months in advance before you graduate.

Also, how should I make myself more competitive to employers? I've been working as a CNA for about 1.5 years and I'm hoping to find a position as a nurse extern. Assuming I can't find a position, will CNA experience be enough? I'm getting really worried looking at how lots of new grads aren't having the best of time looking for a job. I'm hoping for move out of GA and somewhere different.

I also really want to work nights and weekends. Will that give me a boost to employers?

Any recommendations?


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start your job search no less than 2 montsh before you graduate. That may even be pushing it depending on where you live. Working as a CNA is good if you are planning to apply as a nurse on that same unit, but unfortunately if you are looking at a different hospital or setting it may not be enough. Definately try for the nurse extern. Try to look for graduate nurse programs and nurse residency programs that are specifically looking for graduate nurses. This way you are competing with other graduates and not experienced nurses. Theres just no way places will hire an inexperienced nurse over an experienced nurse unless they are specifically looking for a certain number of GNs. Create a portfolio with your career accomplishments. Have a professional cretique your resume and cover letter. Find out what your classmates are doing and go ABOVE AND BEYOND! you have to go the extra mile in order to stand out.

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