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When you don't perform to your potential in an exam..

by Nung Nung Member

So I took a physiology exam today and soon after I handed it in it hit me that I answered some questions wrong.

I studied my ass off for the exam and there is no reason I should have missed those questions. I'll still probably get a mid to high B in it but that feeling of not performing to my full potential really eats at me. Also, the professor always takes a week and a half minimum to grade exams and during that time I can't stop obsessing over what I may have gotten wrong.

Do many of you guys and girls experience exams this?

I am the same way!! Don't fret too much, it just means that you take your learning seriously. I actually had the same issue this week, in Physiology as well! I KNOW the stuff, but I sat down and some of it just slipped through the very large cracks in my brain :). I'm sure I made at the very least a B too, but I will obsess until I see the actual grade. I actually even told my professor last night that I almost called him-not to change my grade, but to let him know that I am not a moron, and YES I DO know the formula for cellular respiration! He thought it was pretty funny, but I was serious! :rotfl: Well, for the most part.

Anyway, good luck, and I'm sure you did fine! :)

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There are definitely some times that after an exam I remembered the answer to a question and felt stupid that I had answered it wrong.

Are you going back over your tests when you're done? I find that it's very helpful to thoroughly read the question before choosing an answer. Then read all the possible answers before making a choice. When you are done with the test, go back and recheck all of your answers. This will help you catch any obvious mistakes that you might have made the first time.

My physiology exams are mostly short answer and essay questions. He does have some multiple choice but they are multiple-multiple choice, as in there may be one correct answer or there may be three correct answers per questions and theres no partial credit. It makes it a bit harder but still do able. Anyway, the biggest thing I know I missed was a Nernst equation question. For reasons unknown I used the Na+ concentrations for for K+. Anyway, I worked out that I will still be getting an A even if I get 85 or so on the exam. I just hate not having that buffer. It puts the pressure on for the next exam.

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