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When does NP education sink in

Hello to all who have been through NP school, and those who are going through now....my question for you is: at what point did you feel like you were going to be able to confidently apply the grad school knowledge?

I am in my second semester now, and am stunned by the plethora of information available from which to diagnose and treat...from differential diagnoses to lab values, disease pathology, tests etc., etc. How the heck does anyone ever feel confident with a diagnosis? How do you not let someone walk out of your office with a very impending serious condition (beginning stage chronic renal failure or congenital defect in baby) that goes misdiagnosed?

When did it click for you? I have worked as a nurse for quite some time, but this is a different ballgame. Perhaps I'm just freaked out the by the 6 inch thick books the Prof's require us to study from.

Muchas Gracias!!

christvs, DNP, RN, NP

Specializes in ACNP-BC.

Hi, I've just applied to nursing grad school to become an adult acute care NP, so I'm very interested in hearing about your classes. How long do you spend learning about a specific disease and how you diagnose and treat it? Do you then get a chance to practice this in clinical? I've looked through some of the books and it does all look very intimidating!


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