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Someone asked me, what can HR say about you if you quit your job or was fired?

Can they trash you, especially if the HR director did not personally like you?

I am finding more nurses getting fired over nothing. Just because they have been there for 20yrs, and they are 50yr and over. :o

I have seen this happen so many times, to good nurses!!!

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I think that, by law in most states, they can only say if you are eligible for re-hire or not. That's IT. They can't "trash" you; very much against the law.


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Happens in every industry sadly. If there is proof they are let go because of age and are competent workers you might have a case if someone lawyers up. Ageism is illegal


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Well, that what they can say legally, but they can say more. When company wants to hurt you, you can not do anything. Move on. I hope someone will understand your situation.


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I am trying to help her find new listings for openings in Tampa.

She has applied everywhere.

Thanks for your input.


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