When did you know...


That you wanted to be in NICU?

I've had a lot of "outside" advise about going into NICU once I'm done with NS. People have tried to talk me out of it that aren't even in this field. This is an area that has interested me for at least 15years. Did know this is where you wanted to be all along or did you kind of fall into it? I understand there is a negative side and a positve side and that not all of these kids make it home. My neice was in NICU a couple of years ago, and it just added to my desire. Is there a certian path to follow?

Any and all comments are welcome.


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People ask me all the time why I decided to go into NICU and I truly have no clue, but glad that somehow I got here. I am about to start my last semester of NS and have worked as a US and tech in the NICU for 3 years (all of nursing school). Now that I've gone through NS and also work as a tech in MICU I know that NICU is for me, I can't imagine myself anywhere else. I've even been in NICU as a student and it totally confirmed my nursing path. I know alot of people have given me advice not to specialize right out of nursing school, but I know this is where I want to be. (My +3 month stint in MICU is my "med/surg" nursing experience..... hahaha)

Good luck to you, and don't listen to the people trying to steer you in another direction. Do what you want to do!


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I've always wanted to to NICU. Some people would say "well wouldn't that be too hard, seeing babies not make it..." stuff like that. But I just tell them that working in health care you see "bad" stuff no matter where you are - that in the NICU the good definitely outweighs the bad


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Thank you for both of you, this was what I was looking for!:lol2:


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I knew in HS when I did a project where I had to spend a few days with a healthcare professional. My mom happened to know a NICU nurse so I went and observed her. I loved every minute of it and thought it was the coolest thing in the world and never wanted anything else. I went into school knowing that it was the ONLY place I would work. So, my last semester of school I got a student position in the NICU and they offered me a position after I graduated. I'm very happy :)

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