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When to get MSN


How long should you be a nurse before pursuing your Master's?

It is up to you. Some people go right away and do it part time while working full time as an RN, some start in a year after working full time as an RN. I think it's good to start in 6mnth after you complete your BSN. For instance, start your job in the summer-fall and your MSN in the spring of the next year. That way you are done with your RN orientation at the hospital and in 6 month after you start the hospital will pay for your school. I applied right away for my MSN though because they offer the NP program I am interested in only in the fall... Otherwise I would wait till spring. Hope this helps!

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

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Some lay people even pursue accelerated MSN programs without ever having been a nurse before. There is no 'official' waiting period to start pursuing an MSN degree.

llg, PhD, RN

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I agree with Olli. It's best to get comfortable in your job before you take on the added responsibililty of graduate school. Most people who try to do too many things at one time end up not doing a great job at either one.

As for enrolling in an MSN entry-level program, that's a whole different thing. Those programs are DESIGNED to be for people with no experience. Regular MSN programs are designed for people with some experience and most of the students will have had at least a couple of years of experience. You'll be better off in those classes if you have some experience, too.

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