When choosing a nursing school


Hi guys. I'm currently a junior in high school and plan to go into nursing. Scores and things of that nature are starting to be sent out and I really don't know where to send them to. What should I be looking for when I choosing a school? I've been looking at rankings but it seems like only graduate nursing programs are listed. Is a top graduate program indicative of a top undergrad program? I'd appreciate any school suggestions as well. Thanks.


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Top schools are great. But unless one of those is your state university you are going to be paying too much for a nursing degree.

JHU #1 but is 16000 a semester (an upper level program so you can go there anyways, but if it were a 4 year program you are looking at $128,000 just for the education portion)

UMB #11 only 4500 a semester (again an upper level program, but only $36,000).

There are some 4 year nursing schools, but most BSN programs are upper level only. For the purpose of your search I recommend you look at programs in your state and see which of those offer a 4 year nursing program. If money is not a concern see which schools nationally have a 4 year nursing program and apply to your top picks.


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Personally, I don't think the school name matters much. As long as you are getting clinical experience and are able to pass the NCLEX, most hospitals do not care too much about the name.

If I were you I would look at the following things

1) Pre-req requirements - how long is it going to take you to get your nursing degree? If you want a BSN, can it be done in 4 years?

2)Cost - how much per credit hour (or per semester)? For some this may not be a big concern, but if you are taking out student loans this may be something to consider.

3) Wait list - Once you get your pre-reqs done are you going to have to wait a year or 2 to get into the program? As a general rule of thumb state schools and community colleges have a waitlist. This may only last a semester up to several. Private universities tend to have a minimum to no waitlist and can get in done in 4 years for a BSN. This is an area you have to weigh if time or money matters most.

4) NCLEX pass rates - you want to go to a school that prepares you to sit for the NCLEX. So these numbers are very important.

Just a side note, since you are only a junior in high school try and take some college classes (if your high school offers). It will make things so much easier once you get to college. Even it its something like a Composition class, it helps! Also, take your CNA class before going to college. Most nursing schools require you to take the class before getting into their program, and its so much simpler to take it before starting college.