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I am almost through my 4th month at my current position. For a number of reasons (mainly, it's not for me) I am planning on re-starting the job search. Here's the catch: the hospital system I work at requires 6 months in a position before I can transfer. I think that this is pretty standard, so I was wondering if anyone here can tell me when I can interview? Do I have to wait until the exact date of my 6 months to set up the interview? Can I set it up *before* the 6 month date? It's not like I would be transferring right after the interview anyway. Also, I realize that I can be held for "staffing" reasons up to a month... But I just want to move this process along. I plan to be honest when setting up the interview (ie, my 6 month date is in two weeks) but I don't want to let a job I want slip by because I'm in a job I don't want.

Suggestions? I do realize the only way to really know is to call HR, but it's still a little early for that.



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Any suggestions are welcome....


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You can set up an interview at anytime. Be sure to mention that you need to wait until your 6 months, some places will bypass this is both managers agree. Set up your interview if you believe that job is the right fit for you. The hiring manager would be more apt to wait for you to come than to hire someone right away who may not be as good of an asset as you would be.

Good luck


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Thanks! I'll give it a try!

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