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Hello all, I am a new grad in the PICU and almost off of orientation. I am just curious when is it that I can begin seriously considering registry/agency? I would like to pick up one shift a week and there is no OT in my unit! I want to be safe but I do know as soon as I have the opportunity to do this I need to as I need to work more than the 36 hours a week I have. I have student loans to pay and lots of other bills. Whoa is me! I even thought that if I do go registry or agency I could work peds med/surg but then I am not used to those ratios. So I guess I stay in PICU?


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Most reputable agencies require at least one year acute care experience to work agency in a hospital. But maybe you could work private duty, and pick up some extra hours, and still be safe in doing so.

There are peds in home care cases, where certain agencies will provide OJT. Hope you're able to find something that won't put your license at risk, but will help relieve your stress about your debts.:cool:

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