When to apply for new grad RN programs?

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I graduated in May and passed my NCLEX exam in August. I started to apply to nursing positions late August and early Sept. There are not many new grad nursing program available. I'm looking mainly in MASS and NY, but I was hoping someone could tell me when the new grad programs were going to available or when should I check back to apply? And when do hospital start taking applications for the fall and spring term?

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New grad RN residencies/internships are so scarce right now, and most places I have applied to have all said they require 6 months experience. I am in Texas but everyone I have spoken to has laid it down in one word: NETWORKING

There are 2 nursing job fairs here in the DFW area soon. One is tomorrow and a big one in October.

Just keep looking and keep applying. Try nursing homes, doctor's offices, the public health system, public school system, and go to as many recruitment/nursing job events as you can. You will find your fit....

Best of luck to you!

I hope I find something soon too!

jadu1106, RN :)

The advice i've been given is to network! Also, if you graduate in may, start working on your resume in january and be interviewing by march! There is a huge flow of grads and you need to have seen someone before then.

Also, really try to stretch out that clinical experience and list ALL skills and credentials!

Good luck, i'll be looking for a job soon too.

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