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So I inherited this elementary school clinic in January from a nurse who had been there for 20 years. Everything was very sterile & dated. There were a few random posters but they were outdated, yellowing & some of them were personal pics from the previous nurse. Since facilities tore up all my furniture etc when they waxed the floors this summer I've seized the opportunity to redecorate.

I rearranged the furniture so it's more open & welcoming. I took all the old stuff off the walls with the exception of my vision charts. So I have bare walls & I'm not sure what exactly to put up there. I want it to be a cool place for kids pre-k-6th grade. Do you do cute theme bulletin board type things like the teachers do in their rooms & hallways? How much should it be health specific?


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I have an eye chart and a MyPlate poster. I am thinking of adding a few colorful health-related posters, but I haven't decided what yet.


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I have some health related posters like diagrams of bones, heart, brain (appropriate for elementary - not cartoonish but not college anatomy either), tween themed "remember to brush your teeth" posters that I think were free from a local orthodontist, and an ABC's of health bulletin board, and then some personal pics and stuff that I like too. I have a curtain made out of cute health related fabric that I assume was meant for making scrubs. I also have one of those aquarium lamps (you know, not real fish, but it's supposed to look like it). The little kids really like that.

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I do a bulletin board in my office, and have various posters as well. For the bulletin board I have several designs that I rotate. One is a "Fall into Good Health" with falling leaves and health tips. I use it to start off the year. Another is a handwashing one that is good for flu season. I have a heart health themed one for Valentines Day. Then an exercise themed one and a healthy eating one that are good for anytime. Other than stock lettering that I purchased, I made all the other decorations myself on the computer using simple clip art.

I also have another bulletin board next to my computer where I post things like silly nurse cartoons, photos, cards from students, and of course the practical stuff like staff rosters and phone numbers.


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