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I work acutes and I'm always wondering how other places do their dialysis in the hosp. We have offices in 3 different hosp. so when we get an order for dialysis we are assigned by the charge and sent out. Usually we have about 5 RNs at work each day. We mix up the bicarb and push the machine, RO and cart of equipment to the pts bedside. During the run we stay at the bedside the entire time. I usually keep in touch with the pts primary care RN about any meds the pt might need etc. When the tx is finished I clean up, push my equipment to the next pt and set up all over again. We do 2-3 runs a day. 12 hr shifts sometimes go over to finish up. Our team does CRRT, TPE, all the hemo and PDs for all the inpatients at all 3 hosp. Also we take turns being oncall about 1 night every 10days. So if you worked your 12 hr shift and it's your call night you could feasably work all night too if the Dr's have people coming thru the ER .

I just thought it would be interesting to find out how other nurses units run. Acutes and Chronics.


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I also do acutes in Austin, TX. We have eight in Austin and one in San Marcos, TX. We are assigned the day before our shift. 12 hour shifts, 2 pt's/day-all our pt's run 4 hours. We do call once/week and weekend call every 7 weeks. We have 9 nurses working plus prn staff. We do hemo, pd, pheresis, cvvh, crrt, etc..


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I work acutes also. We cover 7 hospitals, take call 1-2 times a week, and do our own assembly and set-ups for hemodialysis, hemoperfusion, C.V.V.H.D, plasmapheresis, and PD.

We are scheduled for four 10 hour shifts a week, but work a lot of OT. I can not count the times I have worked my shift, been up all night on call and then worked the next day. As you know, working 30+ hours in 36 hours can be hell.


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I also work acutes as well as chronics. We cover 5 hospitals,im on call once a week we do not mix bicarb etc we have techs for that we set up the machince etc I do 8 hour shifts, i also fill in nocturnal which is a 10 hour shift. pay sucks 22.00 though noc shift is differential 3.00 Kind of bored with it, same ole


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I work in acute. We only work in 1 hospital ( THANK GOD!! ) We have an acute room with 5 stations. We only do ICU bedsides or any other pt on a vent. The person on call is responsible for all the bedsides including any PD or CRRT pts. We don't have a fixed schedule. We arrive @ 0600 AND leave when were done. A good example: I worked on call a few weekends ago and did 3 shifts (0600-0030), returned @ 0645 on sunday to do another 3 shifts (0645-2330) Called the manager for help, but didn't get any! We don't have any techs either, we do our own bicarb, cultures etc. we usually work 4 days a week, 2-3 of those on call. I LOVE MY JOB!!!!!

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