What's the salary for doctor office RNs ?

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I'm a new graduate RN & I'm going for an interview at a doctor's office. I know salary is negotiable, but don't have any idea what the average is for a doctor's office. Also, do you usually get medical benefits working in a doctor's office full time ? I was making $18.00/HR per diem as a Nursing Assistant while going thru nursing school...so don't really want to go lower than that..is that realistic ? I do have 15 years experience in the business world and was an administrative assistant in the past. I need the RN experience...since it's so hard finding new grad nursing positions...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks !!!


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I interviewed for an office nurse position and was offered $20/hr. The closest hospital to the office starts at $27.50. The office offered benefits for the employee only (not family).


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Hey Violet08, I dont know how to reply to a private message,let me know if u have msn or aol so we can chat when u have the chance. Thanx really appreciate ur feedback =)

I was offered (new grad) two RN positions at Dr's office, refused both! The pay was $20.00 an hour with no bene's. A start if you have nothing else, but I needed the benefits. I think they said they would give me a week off after 1 year (HAHAHA) and the other one had 401K.

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