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I am doing my clinical rotation in a perioperative setting. My spend most of my experience in ASU. Some duties of the UAPs in this setting include: making bed, putting patients names on the board for surgery, taking temps and putting pul ox monitor on patients, stocking and transporting patients. I believe that in a perioperative setting the UAPs function as assistance to the nurse and patients which allows the nurse to be more involved in the patients care and spend more time with patients and families pre and postoperatively. Clear,and specific, Communication is very important when delegating to UAPs. Delegating to UAPS can be very risking but when we delegate within the scope of their practice and know their experience we can delegate effectively. According to Gerber(1995)UAPs are be utilized by 97% of hospitals with 65 different job titles to assist with patient care delegated by RNs. He also feel that UAPs are used for cost control, and balancing of personnel and increase nurses productivity.

Gerber,Z.P.,(1995). Increased use of Unlicensed Assistive Personnel: Pros and Cons

journal of Emergency Nursing,21, 541-549.


Marie E White

SUNY @ Buffalo


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My institution uses UAP's, called Surgical Services Nursing Assistants (SSNA). They work with Sterile Processing and Distribution to pick the supplies and instrumentation for the cases, bring necessary positioning equipment and video towers to the rooms, operate sterilizers to flash or STERIS instruments, and clean the rooms between cases. They will also assist in moving patients on and off OR beds, and scrub in to hold retractors or cameras during cases.

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Personally I like any kind of assistanace. Just know the policy of your current employer. It is your position to be your patient's advocate and meet his/her need. If you could do that alone it would be great but I know I can't. I make the nursing care plan--like all RNS and see that my patient's needs are met. Know the scope of their job descriptions however. Remember, these are unlicensed personnel and you will be working with a license.

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