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What's the NYC market like?


Specializes in Cardiocvascular. Has 7 years experience.

I'll be moving to NYC in the summer. I have over a year experience on a cardiac telemetry/post-surgical step down unit.

Just wondering if I'm going to have a horrible time finding a job. Any thoughts?

Nurse2bESK, BSN

Specializes in Cardiocvascular. Has 7 years experience.

Also, will it matter that I'm coming from a Magnet hospital?

Can only offer the suggestion that if you haven't already done so begin making arrangements to obtain a NYS license. That will surely be one of the first questions potential employers will ask.

Many of the larger NYC hospital systems have websites that you can check for open nursing jobs which may give you some insight. Also if you haven't already done so I'd start contacting local recruiters ASAP. Late Spring and Summer are prime moving times for those coming to and leaving NYC, and then you also have new graduates as well.

Your post didn't mention but do you have your BSN?

My own personal experience is this: if you have current acute care experience you will have an easier time finding a job, however, that being said, the market is supersaturated and there can be 100 candidates for one opening. I have been interviewed many times and didn't get hired because of this reason. Get as many certifications as possible such as ACLS and pals and Iv certifications. The market is tough here, but on your side u have a year of great experience, which Hosptials will look for