What's up with the math/terminology tests?

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Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone else has to take the Med-Math test and the Medical Terminology test before being accepted into their LPN program.

I know a couple people here were floored that I had to know this stuff just to get accepted, so I was wondering if maybe Florida is they only state that requires this?

Also, if you do have to take the tests where you are, what are they like? Just trying to prepare the best I can. I'm trying sooo hard to study, but with my husband across the state for work for a month and practically no one to help me with my 3-year-old, it's so.............:hdvwl:

Thanks guys!


BTW - I'm trying to get into CTC in Charlotte County. Anyone else?

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We didn't have to take med math or medical terminology tests to get into my LPN program. We did have to take a basic math test, though.

With medical terminology, you can find a lot of free flashcards on-line. For med-math, I would recommend buying a med math book off of Amazon and doing the practice problems. Focus on your conversions (how many ounces in a pint, how many mL in a L, etc.) and the dosage calculations. You could most likely find this stuff on-line too, if you didn't want to purchase a book.

Good luck!

Hey Kelly! Thanks for the reply. And for telling me what to focus on - I will!

I actually have Henke's Med-Math and Dean Vaughn's Medical Terminology books already. Got 'em about a month or so ago at CTC - it's required.

I have to study all 350 med terms, suffixes, and prefixes of Vaughn's book, and study ALL 13 chapters of math, except 8 and 9.

So, I'm almost done with med terminology book, and I'm almost done with chapter 7 of math...I know abbreviation, military time, metric conversions, dimensional analysis etc. for po orders, IV, IM, IVPB, SUB-Q orders. It's quite intimidating at first, but, then you get it and you're like SWEEEET! I'm most intimidated by just how much there is to learn.

I only have until Nov. 18th to take both tests.

All I know is I BETTER get accepted after all this! :bugeyes:

Hello Jess,

I want to start in CTC to ,I take the medical terminology already and I passed, I apply last year to but for an emergency surgery after I did pass all the test many things happen,well what theirhave new that I don't like this year is their time it the test for 2 hours only " this is new for this year", I have my math med yesterday and I don't make it,I will try for the last day this will be next thur,I will meet for tuttoring this Monday ,because this test was more but much more than the last year and 75 questions including ( the calculations for the problems) I don't have enough time and I need to increase the sppedddddd, and I know shat you mean with the little one because I have 2 of 6 and 4 years old.

Are you done already with the math??? Is really hard with only 2 hours

Good look for you on everything in the school I will do the part time classes at afternoon if I do well on the 2 nd med math :confused:

No such thing up here in Jacksonville...Learned med-math in Nursing Core...had to pass 3 med-math tests before being signed off to pass meds in clinicals, which happens in PNI...halfway through first semester. Did basic medical terminology first and second months, and the rest as we encounter it.

Good luck

Hey I know this was posted last year, but was wondering how the tests were? I'm going to be applying for January and have to take both tests still. I have studied all the medical terminology, but am working on the math.

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