Whats behind ur Allnurses username?


not sure if this thread has been started already... i was just kinda curious on whats behind ur username guyz... any stories.. any relevant things w/ ur life under ur name? ok i'll start

before mine was a soon2bnurse_ph

because i was then a nursing student when i joined allnurses and ph i'm a filipino (philippines)

then i changed it to Hacker-Nurse coz i already graduated and still w8tng for the results huhuhu :( Hacker... obviously u guyz know what that mean b4 i was a nurse i work on computers i do websites, graphics, html, etc.. :) i also owned a forum and several sites and basically do hacked but not anymore it seems that i graduated on those stuff :) and now im trying to focus on my new profession which is to become an RN :(

how bout ur username?whats on it?

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