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MeandragonBrett and Roland? They were here for a long time and then dissapeared.


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Do you think somebody might have accidently choked Roland along the way?


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::waves:: I'm still here!! I check the boards as much as possible but I generally don't have time to post. School is keeping me busy as well as my new job. It's a lot of work being in management and getting a retail store ready for opening!! I hope everybody has a great semester.


btw---Wntr....Good job on boards!!


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year and half traveling all over the country to various clinical trials in a futile attempt to treat my mother's NSLC (she passed away late last year). I will be going back to nursing school in the Fall. Also, my wife threatens to choke me on almost a daily basis!


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Good to hear from you Roland!


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its nice to hear most of the old gang is still hangin around somewhat. havn't heard from oh what was that crna's name who started us out. mc...somthing. does nilepoc post much? ill bet he's swamped.



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my apolgies i found your most recent thread, it appears that it is I who have been awol.

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