What do y'all think of THIS????

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I am dumbfounded. In our heart center, a nurse has to have the approval of a DOCTOR.


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Doesn't sound like the kind of place I'd want to work. Hope they make up for it in other ways. I'd check with Human Resources to see if this Doctor is, in fact, in the chain-of-command. Just because he may head up the Medical side doesn't mean he can set schedules. Check into it.


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Methinks I smell a rat. Sorry, if you don't get to pick the doc's call schedule, why should they get to pick the nurses' schedules?

I'd raise h*** with hr and whomever else would listen. I'd carry a small tape recorder too whenever I was at work....never know when you'll need to record an 'interesting' conversation.


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May I know where do you work? Is there any possibility to change the system? Otherwise you may need to change you job.


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I can do you one better than that. We had a cardiac surgeon who had a select few staff that he "trusted." None of the other staff were even allowed to talk to him when one of his Special Nurses was there. If a non favored nurse was assigned to one of his patients, one of his nurses still had to make rounds on that patient with him. When one of them was not scheduled he was plain mean to the other staff. Fortunately the head of the cardiac surgery department got rid of him when his contract was up.

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