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I am a telephone triage nurse at a VA hospital. I am also a MSN student. I was wondering what the telephone triage nurse position was in other parts of the U.S. and in the private sector. I only triage Veterans and they are a very unique and special group of individuals. Also working for the Federal Gov't has it's own special spin on things. Wondering if anyone would like to share their personal work experiences with me?

I work for the federal gov'mt also. Part of my job is telephone triage nursing. I love my job. I don't know which part I love the most- working for the federal gov or the telephone triage. I had worked for private health care hospital systems for years- they are the most corrupt places on earth. I have been so impressed with the respect the federal gov gives it's employees- it is astounding. On day one I noticed the difference- I kept waiting for the shinny ness to wear off- it hasn't. I loved the HR policy- I f you see something wrong( a violation of another's civil rights- bullying), and you don't report it, you are just as guilty as the one who does it and are punnished the same. None of this corporate compliance, inspector gadget, kangaroo court crap. What a refreshing change- in these big, little, private hospitals the rules are a free for all, it depends on who you are and if the nurse manager likes you. I hope I never have to work private sector again!. I would love to see the federal governmnet take over every hospital in the USA. Get rid of the commercialism and corporateism in healthcare- get back to treating illness.

Specializes in telecare, icu/ccu, ob/gyn.

Thank you so much for responding to my original post. I hoped to interview another telephone triage nurse for a homework assignment. That is no longer the case as assignment was due before your reply. Which VAMC do you work? I am in Augusta GA. I have spoken to some other triage nurses and found out how their call centers are ran, which is very different than ours. Please know that the VA is not immune to corruption, if you have a few hours I can tell you a few things. I too have worked in the private sector and the VA beats them hands down with benefits and nurses' rights. I was amazed when I found out I had "rights", I did not feel like I would have anyone looking out for my best interest at for-profit hospitals. I enjoy having rights and a union to protect my and my fellow nurses rights. I think that it is wonderful that RN's can not be mandated to work 16 hour shifts. The VA is a great place to work but it is not perfect, no place is. You have to weigh the good with the bad and choose the place you fit in the best and gives you what you are looking for.:yeah:

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