What went wrong during my first day of CNA TRAINING at my new job...

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As a newly hired CNA, I was finally exposed to charting during my very first day of training. I was given this binder that had the odd numbered room numbers and its patients, and I remember that next to the room number, there was "-1" next to it. For example: Room 303-1. I remember charting three patients and that I was really slow about it because I was just now getting the hang of charting, but something didn't seem right after I left the facility. Each room has two patients, but then I don't ever remember seeing any tabs that said the room number and then "-2" which indicates the second person that's in the same room.

I'm so scared that I might have forgotten to chart those patients... I come back tomorrow for another day of training... what do I do...? I'm scared that I might not have charted correctly and might get in trouble... or that my trainer might get in trouble for something I'm responsible for but didn't mean to do... This is my very first job, and my first day of TRAINING... I'm so scared I might get in trouble...

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Mention this to the person who trained you, or the person who is training you the next day you work.

You likely did not chart for the other patients. Apparently you missed something.

No worries, I'm sure there is a learning curve for someone who is still training! The system likely will be able to go back to the day and the patients you missed and you will be able to chart from there. If not, there is likely a paper system that is used for when the computers are down and you can chart there.

I doubt you will "be in trouble" for this mistake. You are, after all, in training! Again, just make sure you bring it up the next time you work so that you can be shown again so you don't make the same mistake.



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I agree, just let the person training you know. I doubt you will get in trouble. Just be honest with mistakes and ask for help.