What to wear?


I could have sworn I posted this last night but if I did I can't find it now. Not currently working as a nurse but I have an interview today. Should I wear scrubs to help the manager see me as a nurse or do I dress up?


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Business casual.

Assuming you are a lady from your username - business slacks or knee length skirt, blouse, and practical shoes such as flat or kitten heel (don't want to fall in front of a potential new boss!).

Dressing in scrubs doesn't show you as a nurse, it shows that you don't have business clothes. Would you go to a conference in scrubs or business attire? Hopefully the latter. Business attire is a professional manner of dress, whereas scrubs are for working.


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I would wear a suit. I'm sure the person interviewing you already knows you are a nurse. If you don't have a suit nice dress slacks, plain shirt and shoes.

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I dressed nice. Went well. Thanks :)