What to wear to an interview with a shadow?


Hi everyone!

I will be interviewing for a new graduate residency program NICU position in about a week and a half! This is my dream job, so I am so excited to have this opportunity. While emailing back and forth with the recruiter, she offered me the chance to shadow on the unit after my interview, which I graciously accepted. She then mentioned "please wear scrubs" when explaining the shadow experience. My question is--do I wear (nice, neat) scrubs for the entire interview, or dress up, then change in the bathroom? I asked for clarification but haven't received a response yet. I want to be perceived as very professional by wearing my interview outfit, but I don't want to be perceived as unable to follow simple directions if I show up in the suit. On the other hand, I'm afraid of slowing them down or wasting their time if I have to change.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance!


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I would wear interview clothes for the interview and bring your scrubs with you to change.


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That's exactly what I did, and I got the job! Thank you!! ^__^