What would you want for ADHD information?


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Hello! I'm a nursing student about to go into my school nurse rotation in an elementary school on Tuesday. I'm researching ADHD right now. We're supposed to bring in articles regarding a condition, but I'd really like to go a little more above and beyond than that. As a parent of a child with ADHD, I know how hard this can be. I know how hard it is to advocate for my son, I know how misunderstood this condition is, and I know about the stigma that gets attached to these brilliant boys and girls who need a little help to reach their academic and social needs and goals.

So, as a school nurse who might precept a nursing student, what kind of information would you like for your student to bring in? I was thinking about writing a mini paper with the basics that she probably already knows, but I'd also like to include the latest research on treatment and prognosis. Medscape has had some great articles lately on that (which I'll bring to satisfy the articles requirement). Is there any other area of interest that you would want your student to focus on-- like helpful tools for teachers or educational things for the parents? I was also reading about the social impact of ADHD when children need to be pulled from class for their midday medications. Have you found helpful ways of making this easier for the child?

Basically..... What could a student bring you (in terms of research or brochures) that could help you work with this specific population of school aged children?