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I graduated a few weeks agao and I have an interview for vascular med/surg tomorrow. I asked the recruiter if it was sort of a cardiac step down and she said no it is like a med/surg and that is all she said. Since I am interviewing tomorrow I would like to prepare, but I have no idea what sort of patients are on this floor?? I just want a general idea ... anyone?

Thank you

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I did clinicals on a vascular floor for a semester. The patients are mostly pre and post-op there for vascular reconstruction (ie: fem-pop bypass), amputations, wound debridement etc. There was a ton of wound care, if that's something you're interested in, and all of the patients had lots of co-morbidities, such as DM, renal failure, HTN. It was a very good floor for the learning experience, but I'll warn you that the patients are very heavy, lots of total care, very few walkie-talkies to be found. So it all depends on what you're looking for, I personally prefer total care patients myself, but some don't... Anyway, good luck on your interview!

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I would also expect monitors. Generic med/surg may not have patients on monitors (or not as many).

The interview is an excellent time to ask about the types of patients and any "special" procedures done on that unit. It may be a real learning experience.


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That gives me a better idea of what to expect; I had no idea that there would be wound care, but it makes sense if they have vascular problems. I didnt get much experience with wound care in school since the hospitals I did my clinicals at had wound care nurses. Thank you!

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