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I am curious what type of office everyone works in

I work in a small office with two neurosurgeons. We have three people in the office, two in the front and myself in the back. We are going to get another front office worker soon and possibly a PA.

Only one doctor in the office at a time, the other one is in surgery. We don't see patients on Friday. We close at noon but are not allowed to leave until we have our work done. It is usually about 2 or 3 pm. I start at about 7:30 am and quit around 5:30 or 6:00 pm. I see all the first time post-ops at 8:00 am and then the doctors starts seeing patients at 8:30 am. We don't stop for lunch but the front office takes 30 minutes.

My role is the nurse and office manager. I do all of the authorizations for surgery. I also deal with all the work comp adjusters and nurse case managers. I put patients in the room, phone triage and all that normal nurse duties. It is a very busy job, sometimes I don't sit down to relax all day.

I do love my job and wouldn't go back to the floor unless they made me.

Can't wait to hear from all of you.



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I currently work in a dermatology/skin cancer clinic/office. I like the office setting. I went from a psych hospital to this job. I do feel like I am losing my skills but i love the work. When you hear that some think its not real nursing if you're not in a hospital it makes you wonder. I have never wanted to work in a hospital setting but feel like I'm sometimes not respected because I haven't worked in a medical hospital. I interviewed for a spine and brain center today. I got an offer from an ambulatory Gastro dept in a hospital which is day shift but not sure which I will do...if I get the offer from the spine center.

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I work in a 6 physician 2 Nurse Practicioner office, where we have Do's, and Fam. Practice. There are 6 LPN's and 2 CNA's and most of the time a float nurse. There are 2 ppl in check in/registration, and 2 ppl in check out, and numerous ppl in billing, and medical records. Although it seems like a large staff we never get to take a quick break. Although like Vailgang, the office staff do get their 2 15 min breaks and their 30-45 min lunch. The nurses are left out of this, we are needed to work until the MD is through seeing patients, mant days that means in at 8 no breaks, no lunch and by the time we are finished w./ all of our messages 7-7:30 getting out of there. I am afraid to say after 3 years of non-stop office work, I'm really burnt out. I get plenty of nursing hands on, ex. IV's, EKG, Phlebotomy, etc...but I can't help but wonder if there is something better out there for me. I do enjoy the w/e's off, but at what cost am I getting this???


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I have worked in my office for over two years and have to agree sometimes I wonder if the weekends off are worth it. I am seriously considering going to CCU where you work three 12 hour shifts. I love my job and the doctors I work for but sometimes I feel so burned out. Guess we will have to stick together and that is what this message board is for. :kiss


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I work in an OB/GYN clinic. We have 12 Attending Physicians, 12 Resident physicians, a Nurse Midwife, and 2 APN's. Our nursing staff is a mix of LPN's (primarily) and a few RN's. The RN's make around $40,000.00 and the LPN's make around $25,000.00 something, and we all do the exact same job.....hhmmmmm. We also have about 3 MOA's in the clinic too....

I like clinic nursing because you have such a turnover of patients and get to meet such a wide range of people almost daily...and getting to hold those new little babies and then giving them back to their parents is fun too.....However....That salary things bugs me, the hours generally stink....I go in between 0700-0730 and get to leave around.....1700-1800....you may have to work anywhere in the clinic at any given time....no matter if you've done it before or ever worked with that particular area....no time like the present to learn.....so they say....dangerous idea if you ask me.....favoritism from the powers that be..some have to float from their doc....to another area.....some don't......lots and lots of reprimanding from management about overtime...but no suggestions from them on how to correct the situation....just some veiled threats if it isn't taken care of by us....hhhmmmm.


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I agree that RN's and LPN's often do the same thing for a lot less money and that is why I am in school now. The only way to get paid for what I am doing. There are no RN's in our office but there will be when I finish school. It is hard going to school and working the stressful job that I do but I feel that it will be worth the hard work and salary that I will finally get.

There are hospital politics everywhere and it is a shame. I could give you many examples from our office and it makes me mad. Sometimes it makes me so mad that I want to quit but I won't let them win. I am just glad that we have this message board so we know that we are not alone and can safely vent our feelings without management sticking their nose in.


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Hello everyone! (warning -- long post) I currently work in a BUSY gastroenterology practice.I only work for 2 MDs; but there are 5 total. I see new patients in the office -- I do a prelimenary work-up, go over their teaching, etc. -- the MDs go in after I do, see the patient briefly, and go on their way. I see new consults in the hospital, much like what I do in the office -- review history, labs, tests; prepare the patient for possible GI work-up; and then report back to my docs to fill them in on the details, and possibly alter their schedule:D I am also the telephone triage girl --- basically, if you are a patient, and you call with a problem; you get to talk to me first. I go over the symptoms; review meds, etc. Some problems I handle on my own..... some I review with the docs. It all depends on what it is. I also call pts with lab results, colonoscopy/EGD results,etc. My hours are 8:30 to 5pm Mon-Fri. My primary MD (the one that hired me) says I am his right hand girl ..... and whines when I am gone! I went on vacation last fall; and the 2 MDs BLOCKED the schedule from any add-ons while I was gone. Basically, they went into "light" mode.

Pay??? Hmm.... that's kind of a sticking point with me some days. I'm in the low 40s, with health, dental, life in paid for; 1 week paid, 1 week non-paid vacation. I forget how much sick time. Basically, I am a brat (working agency spoiled me!!) -- If I want to take off for something, I do. I just take it without pay. Overall, I really do love the job --- I would just like more benefits. (more vacation, tuition reimbursement; pre-tax IRA, etc.) I have learned a TREMENDOUS amount; and I get to do a lot of patient teaching; which I loved! How did I get this job??? Being at the right place at the right time! I have known the GI doc that I work for since I graduated from nursing school. I saw him one day when I was working for ANOTHER doc ( another episode of Oprah!); and the wheels started turning in his head. 8 months, many lunches, dinners, and phone calls later; I had my new job.

The down side?? Hmm. Mon-Fri can be good --- or AWFUL. I have to do most of my errands on the weekends, which can be hectic. With traffic, I do not get home til almost 6. My last job was WAY flexible (like I could go to the Mall if I was done with my work .... as long as I was close to the hospital, and accessible by beeper); and with this one; I have to be in the office most of the time.

Anyone else have thoughts, questions, comments???

Nice to talk to you guys!


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