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What to do during this down time?

by Pinapple Pinapple (New) New Pre-Student

Hello all, I’m new to this site so forgive me if I don’t explain my situation well enough.

so my current dilemma is this: I got accepted into West Coast universities BSN program(VA benefits cover cost so I’m not worried about $$) and it starts November 2nd. Which is about two months from now, in the mean time my work is still closed due to covid and hospital volunteer programs are closed as well. I have no experience in the medical field and am a little nervous about either not being experienced enough or my resume not looking good enough after graduation. In the mean time, would you guys recommend trying to complete a CNA program or anything like that and try to get a job within these next two months before the program starts? Or will I learn everything I need during school and still be fine for a job after?

Sour Lemon

Has 11 years experience.

There are quite a few variables. It may actually be difficult to find work right now. At my small hospital, census is still low and staff are constantly being canceled. Finding a program to train you might even be a challenge.

As a nurse in Southern California, I've seen multiple CNAs, telemetry monitors, and unit clerks get passed over for nursing jobs after graduating from nursing school. They were good employees and well-liked, there just wasn't enough space for so many new graduates.

So ...working as a CNA may be beneficial for experience and networking, but it's not a guarantee of anything.