What do you think of these stethoscopes...and does color matter?



I have narrowed down my quest for the perfect student nurse stethoscope ;-)

Here are my two choices:

http://www.allheart.com/2200-16.html or http://www.allheart.com/select.html

The second one is obviously quite a bit cheaper, and still a Littman (I am not normally brand-conscious, but from everything I have heard, I decided to go with Littman)....but it doesnt have the dual chest piece. How important is that? Does anyone have experience with either one of those stethoscopes?

And now this will sound silly: I have a really hard time deciding on a color..... is it best to go with sth neutral, like gray? Do bright colors get you negative attention from nursing instructors? Or do you think you can get sick of lets say a raspberry colored stethoscope? or are unconventional colors really better when it comes to stethoscopes getting lost/stolen? Or does it really, really not matter what color it is?

any answers would be greatly appreciated!!

Thanks :)


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I will be starting nursing school next month in January and have been searching for the perfect stethoscope also. During my research I found the Classic II SE to be a great choice because of the dual heads. Some schools prefer their students to have dual headed stethoscopes others don't. I read iffy reviews for the Littmann Select, most were in between. I also came across the stethoscope comparison so you may want to check it out to see their findings. The Littman Select is not on their comparison list but you can visit littmann.com to compare if you want.


After visiting a medical supply bookstore, I was going to buy the Classic II SE even though I could hear so much better with the Cardiology III. However, I got an awesome deal on ebay for Cardiology III and decided to go with that one. The Classic II SE would be my choice for the acoustics, the dual head, and best buy. I'm not experienced with single head stethoscopes so I can't be much help in that respect. Good luck with whatever choice you make! :clown:

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to me it never mattered. I have a black one. When I bought it black was the only color offered.


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I haven't heard much about the select. Most people I go to school with either have the classic II or the lightweight II, and I've heard a lot of good things about both. I think the only difference between the two is the classic II is supposed to cut out a lot of the background noise.


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I ended up going with the Cardiology III because I read so many fantastic user reviews and it was at the top of the list of that acoustic stethoscope review everyone links to. The biggest argument I have seen against buying an expensive stethoscope is that people are afraid that they will get stolen. I got mine engraved and I am getting a name tag as well. Hopefully I can keep good track of it to make sure it stays around!

The other big thing about the Cardio III for me is that you use can use it with a big and small diaphragm or you can convert it to a traditional bell and diaphram. I have read the small diaphram is great for peds, emaciated patients, and around bandages. I am required to have a stethoscope with a bell and diaphram for school, so it works out well for me that I can convert it!

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